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The volatility, complexity and speed of today’s financial markets demand a broad skill set.

At Christensen, we draw on the resources of a multi-talented team across time zones and markets. We use our collective creativity to bridge the gap between the investing public and companies as they engage with the market through private equity, public exchanges, financial media and regulators.

We solve problems. Our work ranges across all the issues that confront the board and management of companies before, during and after a public listing. We help our clients prepare for their initial public offerings (IPOs) and build investor communities afterwards. We protect companies and their shareholders from the downside as well as help them manage the upside as capital markets continue to evolve. We help our clients exploit the opportunities opened up by the breakdown of the old print and broadcast media universe and its replacement by digital media, social networks and blogs. Our objective is to make the relationship between our clients and the financial community seamless and successful. And our track record shows that we can do it, and have done it consistently for over three decades.